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The Amazing AN-225

Air 06 av, originally uploaded by Vehicular Traffic.
Not HDR, but an amazing airplane!

from the Flickr page:
Antonov An-225 Cossack @ ILA Airshow . . .

The An-225 Cossack holds the current world record for the largest aircraft in the world, yet has never gone into full production and probably never will.
The An-225 is a six-engine development of the An-124 designed to carry the Soviet 'Buran' space shuttle on its back.
A new central wing section with two more engines was inserted, twin tail fins were fitted, the landing gear was reinforced and dorsal attachment points were added.
The first An-225 prototype flew on 21 December 1988.
This prototype, after having been grounded for many years, is now operational as a jumbo cargo aircraft.
Portions of a second An-225 have been built, but so far only one has ever flown . . . breaking numerous records.
The An-225 is the largest aircraft in the world . . . with a wingspan of 290 feet and a length of 275 ft 7 inches.

Specifications . . .

Primary Function: Cargo
Contractor: Antonov
Crew: Six
Unit Cost: N/A
Powerplant: Six Lotarev turbofans D-18T engines weighing 51,590 lb (23,370 kg) each.

Dimensions . . .
Length: 275 feet, 7 in (84.0m)
Wingspan: 290 feet (88.4m)
Height: 59 feet, 5 in (18.2m)

Weight . . .
Empty: 385,800lb (175,000kg)
Maximum @ Takeoff: 1,322,750 lb (600,000kg)

Performance . . .
Speed: 528 mph (850km/h)
Ceiling: 33,000ft (10,000m)
Range: 8,310 nm (15,400km) -- with maximum fuel
Armament: N/A

Photo provided by one of the following news agencies . . .
Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Associated Press

Date: May 16-21, 2006
Place: Berlin, Germany

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